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Insulated Conductors

Insulated Copper Conductors

Insulated Copper Conductors, Normally used in Electrical Machines and Equipments Like Power and Distribution Transformers, Generators, Reactors and Other Magnetic Coils for Winding Purposes, are Manufactured by the Group Companies Incorporating well Established Infrastructure and Quality Control Systems.

The Product Insulation Variants on Rectangular and Round Copper Wires Include :

Tape Lapped/Covered : Kraft paper / Nomex / Polyester Film / Polymica Film etc.

Enamelled : Polyester Enamelled – Class 155, Polyesterimide Enamelled – Class 180, Polyester / Polyesterimide Over Coated with Polyamideimide – Class 200.

Glass Fibre Wound : Bare or Enamelled, Polyester / Epoxy – Class 155, Polyesterimide – Class 180, Varnish Bonded.

Composite Insulations : Nomex / Polyester Film Lapped and Glass Fibre wound Varnish Treated, Enamelled and Polymica Film / Nomex / Paper Lapped.